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Too much and gone

Blurting out unfiltered thoughts in a drug induced haze, pulling at heartstrings that play all alone

Something inside told me to believe it. Something inside told me leave it.

Showing up with flowers on the first date, the taste of a kiss you can’t forget. Secretly wanting it but knowing none of this really exists.

Head against heart, an unbalanced battle, that never ends cleanly, leaves feelings in tatters. little things, equal in measure but all different gestures; Like private jokes and love-notes or perfumed letters, sealed with a kiss & delivered by post.

Situations built out of misplaced emotion but not knowing the difference between you and me. Time stands still in your arms but when you’re gone, you’re so very gone.

You’re going to miss me before you go and you’re gonna love me before you get home.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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