You are what you do

“You are what you do, not what you say you will do” – Unknown

I am ALL for planning (as you can read about here) – but I don’t want to just “plan” – I DO the things I write down/say I will do. For me, being a person of my word and doing the things I say I will, or honoring the agreements between people, is one of the most important parts of who I identify as. I never want to be unreliable, or someone who others don’t believe will follow through.

There are many ways in which people find themselves ending up “too busy” or gravitating toward an “excuse” –  but I never had someone ELSE articulate those thoughts (so similar to my own) as Debbie Millman during her interview with Tim Ferriss on his podcast, episode #304 (around the 13:40 mark of the episode). She talks about how “busy” is a decision. I say it’s just another way to say something is “not a priority”.

However – in an effort to balance the bad with the good, I offer this article by James Clear – Author of Atomic Habits – where he discusses “How to stick to your goals when life gets crazy“. I appreciate how he articulated the idea of “training for chaos” and offers tips and tricks for helping regain focus, realign the goal and get it done, even when life throws a curve-ball.

Sometimes we have to take a moment to appraise the situation. Too easily we lean on excuses because we simply don’t want to do something. If we don’t actually desire to do something, then a mere change in weather or something so small as a forgotten pair of socks can be the beginning of the end. In those moments, it’s important to determine:
1. Is this something that is positive or necessary? If so, then do it. If not, maybe it can wait.
2. Am I unable to do this truly or am I making an excuse?
3. WHY don’t I want to do this? Is it just a momentary hiccup and my frustration/anger/fatigue/irritation is taking over, or is it something deeper?
By sitting and understanding our emotions, thought process and assessing our general circumstance, we can better dedicate our time and energy.

Now, if you make your way down the list of questions and find that something still needs to get done – then do it! But what if you don’t feel invigorated? Do it anyway.
Read this article by Mel Robbins, where she discusses the 5 second rule and see if perhaps you can implement the idea in your own life. Sometimes all you have to do is start. Just make the move, begin the process or take the tiniest step forward, and you will propel forward and undoubtedly gain momentum.

**This is not an Advert and I do not receive compensation for any endorsement. I just like/share the people and ideas**

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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