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How old is “too old”

Is there such a thing as “too old”? I mean yes – maybe taking health/physical factors into consideration for certain activities – but even then, that’s a maybe.

I keep hearing people say “I’m too old” for _______, and it makes me laugh. I guess I hear this more now since I too am getting “older” but I never consider my age when I decide to do something, or learn something new. I might be “too old for this nonsense” when it comes to dealing with frustrating people or situations … but other than that – bring it on!

I am never “too old” to have fun or be childish. I am never “too old” to learn a new skill or take a class, even if that classroom is filled with people younger than myself. I am never “too old” to wear what I want, have my hair styled a certain way, or present myself as exactly who I am. I am never “too old” to be sexual, sexy or sexually active. I am never “too old” to strengthen myself or focus on a new aspect of my fitness and health. I am never “too old” to be vulnerable or change my mind.

On the flip side of that – I am exactly old enough to allow myself some damn peace!
I am exactly old enough to stay in on a Friday night without judgement from others, or myself. I am exactly old enough to decide I want to read a book in silence rather than go to a club/bar, or even watch tv. I am exactly old enough to enjoy cross-stitching, crotchet, knitting or other hobbies. I am exactly old enough to politely decline anything that I don’t feel serves my best interest.

What do you think? Is there something you’ve put off because you wrote yourself off as “too old” before you even tried?


By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

2 replies on “How old is “too old””

I’m usually surrounded by young kids these days and I’m realizing how I need more friends my age…or at least friends in between (mid to late 20’s). I try to find something in common with most people I meet, but as I get older, I find that I’m always the one putting the effort it when it comes to friendships. Sometimes it’s a meaningful friendship, and sometimes you just feel used and abused. I want to cry at times, but then I realize I have friends like YOU to put a smile on my face. Love you Ti!

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