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Rest, Reset and Reboot

December was slow going for me on the fitness front, having taken a vacation at the start of the month.

For those of you who don’t know – I had a very positive, growth filled year from April 2018 to April 2019 in the health and fitness realm of my life. I will do a full post about that another time, however, having that experience/knowledge I was much better equipped to deal with December than I likely would have been otherwise.

January I was determined to ensure my own success and mental happiness by easing back into things. December was such a food/drink heavy month, coupled with less fitness/movement, and loads of differing schedules with my international travel and the holidays – there was just no WAY my body (or mind) was ready to just jump in at the level I left off.

I talked about it in a previous post – but I literally started by walking. I know, it’s not the most impressive or high intensity thing – but it’s something. I LIKED walking. It gave me time in nature. It let me listen to podcasts or audio books. It let me feel active and move my body without hurting myself. Once I did a few weeks of walks, as I knew I would, I felt ready to do longer walks and start back on my Peloton bike. I made agreements with myself that I would stick to a reasonable schedule and for the first three weeks of January I was only committing to 30 minute workouts, but they would be daily, and they would be in whatever form I felt was best.

About a week ago (it’s been 21 days into January now) I started feeling the little urges to do weights and increase my activity with some strength/conditioning. I integrated some light weight training, resistant band workouts, and body weight exercises into the morning 30 minute workouts (burpees! ugh), and have found it to be enjoyable. I have actually done much more than I thought I would, and stuck to it a lot longer/been more consistent than in the past. Knowing my own limits, as well as my own desire to balance my body and mind, allowed me to sit back and think logically “what do I want?” and “what does my body need?” – but I had to really listen to my body/mind and be willing to start slower than I thought I “should”.

Funny enough, with my “routine” change – I’ve gotten slightly more toned, I have lost some weight, I feel energetic, and I have stayed true to my agreements/goals. I do recognize that drinking less alcohol (hello “dry January”) likely contributed to the weight loss some – but overall, it’s a definite positive in my life.

FYI – I started 2020 weighing in around 147 lbs and as of January 21, 2020 I am weighing in at 142 lbs.

How’s 2020 going for you on a fitness/health front? Do you still feel energized and excited about your goals?

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