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February 2020 Goals

Debt: Continue to pay off as much as I can and aggressively use extra money to chip away at car loan. Car loan payoff goal date is July 2020!

Income: Continue attempting to sell clothes, jewelry and anything else I find around my house that I don’t need or use.

Health & Fitness
Diet: Counting Macros – This month (actually for 40 days total) I will be focusing on counting macros and trying to ensure I am 1. eating enough and 2. eating to fuel my body for my goals. I am aiming for fat loss, not necessarily weight change. I have some “before” photos taken and will see what transformation can happen over the course of 40 days, stay tuned!

Workouts: These will remain as I feel – but with the ^ macros implementation, I am going to try and purposely scale back on my “cardio” and see what cleaning up my diet does for me! You hear all the time that diet is the biggest part in body change/fat loss and things like “abs are made in the kitchen”…so let’s find out!

– I am going to continue my quest to wake up in the morning at 6:15am and make my morning routine even more ingrained into my mind/day. I have come to appreciate my quiet morning time with just me, my coffee and my thoughts.

– I am going to continue my 10 minutes per day of reading/listening to an audio book or podcast. I have found this to be very enjoyable and want to continue trying to get through the books on my reading list.

My upcoming trips to Seattle & Las Vegas in March 2020 are my current focus – so no trips planned for February. I am also looking at going home to see my parents at some point this summer, so that will probably be next on the list!

What are your goals for February 2020? Do you evaluate/track your goals? I’d love to hear about yours!

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