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Macros – Update

It’s been a week or so since I started counting my Macro’s for my 40 day challenge (read about it more here), and it’s been interesting!

  1. It’s sort of time consuming – I knew this going into it, but I do think that the first few days I made it hard(er) on myself because I hadn’t gotten groceries with “macros” in mind, so I was struggling to make things work with what I had in the fridge/freezer.
  2. Some days are harder than others – It’s funny because some days I felt SO full I could barely stomach the last of my calories for the day, and other days I felt famished. I did notice that properly hydrating made a difference though (helping me not feel like I was starving) … AND listening to my body. One night my stomach was growling ferociously – so I got up at 9pm and ate a small apple. It wasn’t the end of the world but I was able to finally go to sleep because my stomach was no longer causing a disruption.
  3. I don’t eat well-balanced – This was not exactly a revelation BUT it was certainly something that this has made SO apparent. I would easily miss out on whole groups of macro nutrients in a “normal” day – so eating balanced amounts of things has really been different for me.
  4. Breakfast is no longer negotiable – This is funny because I don’t really eat breakfast normally. However – doing this 40 day challenge has made it apparent that I will be hard pressed to reach any of my macro targets AND my calorie targets if I don’t eat breakfast (during a M-F typical day). I actually get a large portion of calories and macros with a breakfast protein shake/smoothie – and for me, drinking my calories is easier than eating foods that don’t bring me joy/satisfaction in the day to day.
  5. Portion sizes are smaller than you think – Having weighed all my food this last week with the unabashed scrutiny akin to that of a person selling drugs for a living – I can now see that my portion sizes in my mind are WAY off.
  6. Work with what you like – If you are cutting calories – you BETTER find some foods/fruits/vegetables etc that you LIKE – because you WILL be eating them on the regular. I tried last week to struggle through eating some meals based on what I could find in the kitchen, and I managed to eat the food, but it was NOT pleasant and I did NOT enjoy it. Those facts alone made me not even want to eat, and made the whole process more torturous than it really needs to be. If I have to pay attention to everything I’m eating, then you better believe I am going to have some things in the mix that I enjoy and don’t mind eating more than a couple times per week, because it’s just a lot of energy sometimes.
  7. Boredom is a beast – I did notice that my mindless snacking out of boredom is now not really allowed. I am tracking and planning all my food – so snacking (unplanned) is NOT the way to go. It’s rough – but it’s not forever (for me).

Still over 30 days to go until this experiment is complete – but on the positive side of things, I do feel good and I *think* I can see some fat loss! Whoooo! If I can get my visceral fat levels down and improve my lab work in April, I will be happy 🙂

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