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Can’t stop? Correction – WON’T stop!


The above picture/quote is from James Clear, author of the book Atomic Habits.

Much like the picture at the end of this post – there is a lot more to life than just saying “yes” to everything. Saying “yes” will get you tons of opportunities and probably lead down many avenues that would have otherwise gone undiscovered … BUT saying “no” and knowing when to stop is equally important and even harder to do sometimes.

I have heard over and over from people about how the “can’t” stop or change their mind/trajectory. I think the inability to say “this isn’t for me” is something that people decide from a place of fear, guilt, or shame. They feel obligated somehow to continue that relationship, that job, that degree path or whatever it is, no matter the potential cost in time, money or personal distress.

I won’t lie – I quit law school after my first year, and some might say that was me being a “quitter” but I didn’t feel the need to invest MORE money to do something that I wasn’t 100% committed to in my heart and soul. I knew that if I was going to invest another 3 years of HARD work (night/weekend program on top of a full time job), PLUS the financial aspect of it, I needed to LOVE it and be committed to that career…and in the end I wasn’t. The first year was exciting and the subject matter interesting, but at the end of the year I really just knew that I wasn’t ready to commit myself to that lifestyle, or living the next three years of my life in agony. So WHAT if I stopped? NO ONE could, would, or should judge my actions except ME.

So right now! Take back your power! Tell me (or just yourself!) – what are you doing out of obligation? What are you holding onto because you just want to somehow meet the external expectations? What keeps you from leaving that person, that job or that situation? Is it TRULY a well-thought out, logical and forward moving reason or are we just paralyzed by FEAR of letting people down? Fear of judgement. Fear of feeling like we weren’t “enough” in some way. Fear of starting new/fresh/over. Fear of our TRUE potential and if we did admit that we could do more/better, then we might actually have to!

Quit the things and people that aren’t moving you 100% toward the life you want to create or the person you want to be! I believe in you. XOXOXO


By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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