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Little Luxuries

What do you do to make your day just a little more “special”? Do you regularly indulge in practices that are just for yourself, or to savor a moment? If you don’t – I HIGHLY suggest it!

Daily little bursts of joy and/or luxury are sprinkled throughout my day, and life, to make my days just a bit brighter. I may feel frustrated in life sometimes, overwhelmed in moments, or ungrateful for all that I have – but little beautiful moments can help immensely to remind me of the good. Yes I want to be frugal and balance my budget with my lifestyle, but there are little ways to weave in something nice without breaking the bank. Here are a few things I implement:

  1. Really nice, high quality, luxurious feeling/smelling skin care – I try and keep at least one item of my morning (and evening) skincare routine along these lines. At the moment, it happens that both my toner (sprays) are the part of my skincare routine. My morning one is the Jasmine Green Tea Toner by Herbivore Botanicals  and my evening one is the Renew – Nutrient Face Mist by True Botanicals. I love these because I can use them year round, they smell so fresh/clean and gorgeous, AND they are great to use any time of the day. I take them on the airplanes with me when I travel and I like to spritz them sometimes just to have a mini “spaahhh” moment. Note – neither of those toners are over the price of $40.00 and last quite a long time!
  2. Scents/Aromatherapy – This is sort of along the same lines – but for my home. In the mornings while I’m getting ready, I light a nice three wick candle so my room smells pretty while I”m getting dressed. Because I only burn it for about 30 minutes each morning, it won’t run out anytime soon but the smell gets re-invigorated each day.
    In the evening I have an aromatherapy oil & water diffuser that has an automatic timer, so I add a few drops of whatever scent I want to fall asleep to, a little water, and voila! I get soothing scent, as well as a nice water/noise ambiance. I use only a couple drops of the oil so the set of 6 that I have (which I got on sale) will likely last me until I am about 60 years old.
  3. At my desk I keep my favorite Teavana Earl Grey tea bags. This allows me to enjoy a really tasty, fresh cup of tea on the daily without the guilt of always going to Starbucks. It also is a scent I love – so it can help me unwind, while simultaneously caffeinating me! I purchased a four pack and it averages out to $0.36 per teabag.
  4. My planner – I wrote about it in depth in this post – but my planner is not just ANY planner. It’s a colorful, personalized, customized repository for my life. It has thick, lovely paper, lovely print, and is something I WANT to use since it’s so beautiful!
  5. Signature scent/cologne – I alternate between two fragrances for my M-F life. As you might have noticed, smells are really special to me, so you can only imagine what I look for in a fragrance that I wear ON my body! Depending on the mood, I will use either “Panda” by Zoologist or the “Rain – Reserve Blend” by Clean Beauty Collective. Both of these are marketed predominantly as “men’s cologne” – but I love them and get compliments all the time on how nice they smell on me.
    For my “private” or “personal” moments/events – I alternate between Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb and the Viktor & Rolf BonBon fragrances (for women).

How do YOU elevate your day? Bring up your mood? Inject a little “extra” in your day? Do you think it’s worth doing or no?

**I am not paid to endorse anything or anyone. Strictly what I like. 🙂

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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