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Words I Dislike

I don’t know about anyone else – but I HATE the word “mentee” and the word “tasker/s”. These are VERY prevalent in my workplace and I would guess they are most likely quite common in any office based setting – however they make me cringe whenever I hear them.

I come from the (argument) camp that says “mentee” is a terrible word that is just a watered down, less intelligent sounding stand in for the word “protege/e”.
Mentee: A person who is guided by a Mentor
Protege/e: A person under the patronage, protection, or care of someone interested in his or her career or welfare.
While one could argue that the definition or “function” of the roles differ – I do not think they differ so starkly that they could not be used interchangeably, and Protege/e just sounds a bit more refined in my opinion. “Mentee” (to me) sounds like something a child would say when they don’t know the proper word choice…such as “today I put on too much lotion, and my hands were lotion-ee so I couldn’t get the bathroom door open”.
Gah.  It just makes me cringe. 

Next up – “task/tasker/s” – as it stands in my workplace we have a list of items to complete, otherwise known as a “task” list. People often run around saying “where are we on taskers?” or “how many taskers have we got today?” and I just want to scream “they are ‘TASKS’ not ‘taskers”!
From the dictionary: a “tasker” would be the person who was performing or imposing a task – NOT as a plural descriptor for multiple tasks.

These are two of the MOST frustrating words for me – however I know there are many more that I just can’t think of at the moment. Anyone else have words that annoy them or they just dislike?


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