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Remrise Sleep Aid – Review

A couple of months ago I chose to try out a product called Remrise.

This is a “sleep aid” but not a “medication” type of product. The company suggests a more “personalized” approach and their recommendations for the ideal sleep formula is “tailored” to a person’s needs.

1 – You take a quiz. This will ask about if you have trouble falling asleep OR trouble staying asleep. Also things like if you remember your dreams or perhaps have nightmares. They will ask about 15 questions or so and then based on your answers, prescribe you the recommended course of treatment.

These are not “prescribed medications” and are instead more comprised of herbal remedies and based on traditional Chinese medicine. See the full list of possible ingredients here. These are supposed to help with sleep specifically, but also some parts that aren’t considered by other products, such as aiding in digestion, stress and more.

2 – Wait for your product to arrive. This was offered to me at half off, which is why I was willing to give it a try, however expect a full month of the treatment to cost about $65.00 +/- Shipping fees. While you wait you can download the app that will be used to input your data about your day, exercise and quality of rest.

3 – Products will arrive in a fancy box. Very nice packaging/aesthetic.
There will be four smaller boxes inside, each essentially one week’s worth of your treatment.
Inside the smaller box will be 7 packets that will be labeled for each day (ie – day 1). Each packet will contain 4 capsules. These are specifically ordered and combined so the body doesn’t get “used” to the combination/dosage and therefore works on a mixed cycle that repeats weekly.

I took the pills before bed for a month straight and here’s what I found:

  1. One thing I didn’t love was the wastefulness of the packaging. It felt excessive and is really not an eco-conscious/friendly design. I get that they want it to “feel” more personalized, however the packaging made me feel bad for the environment more than “special”.
  2. Sometimes they tasted gross. I don’t know if anyone else has taken Ashwaganda before – but I have and they are (to me) quite stinky and make me want to gag. This is an ingredient in some of the capsules I took, and it was rough for me. They are also not small capsules, so getting four of them down easily didn’t happen – I had to split it into two pills at a time with a LOT of water to get rid of the bad taste. This sort of annoyed me because I don’t like to drink a ton of water before I go to bed because I then have to get up and pee during the night.
  3. Cost wise, it didn’t offend me, but I was a little shaky on if I thought I would spend $65+ per month on something that I couldn’t pinpoint a definitive improvement.
  4. The app needs work. It sometimes took me FAR too long, or too many tries, for me to put in my data (about 3-5 questions only) and the app didn’t actually give me much insight. It told me my “averages” for time spent asleep, waking mood, etc, but nothing that showed me any real scientific proof that any part of my life was impacting me more than another. Why ASK me if I worked out a certain amount of time, or used a screened device for a certain amount of time, if there’s no relevant data coming from me putting that information in? Also – the app made you wait until a certain time for it to recognize it was the “next day” – so even if I was up at 6:15am, I had to wait until 8:00am to input my previous night’s information, which was annoying and would make me frequently forget to put the information in until the following evening.
  5. Did it help? I can’t actually tell. I thought perhaps the placebo effect would take hold in the beginning – but I didn’t really notice a huge improvement in the quality of my sleep or my mood/restfulness upon waking. I only noticed that it made me stay asleep slightly better than I normally do on my own – however I was still tired.
    – I also took them (as prescribed) at least 45 minutes prior to bed, but really never noticed any significant “sleepiness” or tiredness that I was expecting.

Overall – I won’t say it hurt me or worsened my sleep performance, but I didn’t re-purchase. Maybe since it has different “plans” – a different course of pills might work better, but I don’t know that I am super inclined to try again at the full-price. Perhaps this will work for others though – as it does appeal to those who want a more holistic health / chinese herbal options rather than medicine.

*I am not paid to endorse any product or entity and this is based on my own experience only, not intended for advertisement.


By DreamerSD

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