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Creating Content…The Struggle is REAL

Since January 13, 2020, I have tried to create and post new material/content every. single. day.  SHIT IS HARD.

I don’t know who reads this regularly – however, I would just like to make it known that I have SUCH respect and admiration for musicians, writers, content creators of any media, or whatever you want to call it. Whether writing a blog post per day, a 500 page book, a screenplay, a song, or pictures for Instagram … to CREATE consistently is TOUGH.

It is challenging to think of things to write about, how much I WANT to share of my life with the world, what might be interesting to other people, what I might be afraid to admit, fear of leading someone astray or misinformation, etc. The process of creating something from nothing is absolutely more strenuous than I ever anticipated.

The exercise of composing a blog post daily is something I have now successfully managed to keep alive for over a month! Woah! This is the longest continual amount of days that I have posted, and with that I find my blog has evolved.

  1. In comparison to the past my numbers of readers/views is lower but more consistent over time.  People enjoy some juicy relationship tales! I had my highest numbers of views/readers in 2011 when I was chronicling my (most terrible) dates. Anecdotes of failed romance are no longer my focal point – so I have to just accept lower readership numbers and press on.
  2. This blog has come to be a place where I can simultaneously relax while I still get to feel like I’ve got a creative outlet and place for me to let things out.
  3. Blogging challenges me to learn more/new things and to revisit topics or events that I might not otherwise reflect upon. I find myself looking at things and thinking “could I write about that?”
  4. I’m better about being selective now, but I’m also more open to not pigeon holing myself into only one category. I now “trash” drafts or delete things if I don’t find myself enthused about it while writing – but I no longer limit my posts to “dating” and “relationship” talk. I’m more willing to broadly show who I am and what I am interested in.

This blog has actually helped friends (and family) be more connected to me. I’ve had many people reach out in person, via text or call, and say “I read your blog…” and it makes me happy that I can still keep people up to date in a way. I like to know there’s still parts of me that they don’t know about. Interests that they have never seen me partake in. Facts about me that surprise them.

How much would YOU be comfortable sharing with the world?

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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