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What have I DONE?!


I signed up for a freaking half marathon. 13.1 miles and I’ve got just 6 weeks to prepare. The Los Angeles Nike half

I was invited to do this by a friend who was already signed up, so I reminded myself that I can do ANYthing I put my mind to – and I pulled the trigger on that registration within the hour of invitation. I thought about it for all of about 5 minutes (or less) but realized I WANT to be challenged. I want to see what I am capable of! This is the hardest physical goal I have probably ever set for myself – and one of the hardest mental goals as well, since it will take a lot of focus to get myself across that finish line.

As another friend told me today though – this is just the universe answering my call for change and challenge. Perhaps this is why I was (randomly) inspired last week to take up jogging outdoors, which is something I have never been compelled to do before! I also like the fact that this half marathon is in support of increasing awareness (and actual participation) of young ladies in sports. I think children need to be active and encouraged to enjoy movement. 

From the registration website:

“Nike believes that all kids are made to play. The reality, however, is that only 1 in 5 kids is getting the physical activity they need, and girls are moving less than boys. By age 14, girls in the U.S. are dropping out of sport and play at twice the rate as boys, and some girls never even start.”

I found a 6 week training plan to follow and am very nervous (but excited) to get going! Wish me luck and I will keep everyone posted! Anyone out there ever done a half or full marathon? Tips? Tricks? Guidance or warnings?!

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