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Who do you dress for?

I won’t lie – I dress a little…uniquely? I tend to gravitate toward self-expression through my hair, clothes and makeup.

As illustrated below:
*Vintage Christian Dior long-sleeve silk nightgown, layered under a black sheath, a white mid length sleeve button up shirt, belted, with black, strapped Converse platforms boots.

Now – this is a BIT louder than I look on a day to day basis, however it’s not that far left of center, and I was feeling inspired by the designer, Ms. Minju Kim.
I have worn leather harness type accessories to work, I wear combat style platform boots almost every day, I have animals on my socks (almost every day) and I enjoy a mix of feminine and edgy.

I love to express myself and let my mood or anything else inspire my “look” for any given day – but it makes me sort of sad that I frequently get stopped by other women who say “I LOVE your hair/outfit/style but I could NEVER wear it myself!”. They like to say it’s not “their color” or “it’s just not me” or “I am not that person who can pull that off” – but in reality I think they are just scared. The world and their people that surround them have conditioned them to believe they shouldn’t look different than they normally do.

I buzzed my hair over a year ago now (read about that here and see a picture) – and it’s since been growing out/cut into various styles – but I love being able to change it. Short hair is SO much easier/faster to style and now that it’s growing out I can be a bit more expressive, but it also takes more work.

I can (and will) wear any color of the rainbow, any pattern, combination or accessory. No person’s commentary is required to approve or validate my choice in my appearance and I hope that others will see me and perhaps want to embrace their own “style” or venture out into a different look! I would say I am “fortunate” to have such accepting friends, family, partner and coworkers – but in reality I think it’s more than that…it is people accepting me for me AND my refusal to be categorized. By not accepting people’s judgement or bending to what I THINK people would like or would make them more comfortable, they learn to see and appreciate the differences that make me uniquely myself.

I wouldn’t be the truest version of myself if I didn’t dress/look the way that I do, and I will never deny myself the joy that comes with expressing myself in the most authentic way possible.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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