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Clarify and Define

James Clear said:


…I couldn’t agree more. I was just telling a friend the other day that “the first step is clarifying what you want” and I feel like that’s something we all struggle with at least once in our lives, and likely multiple times over.

Sometimes when we feel lost, uneasy or unsure of WHAT we are feeling, it is easy to become frustrated and want to give up on feeling better or improving our situation. I know that for myself, I sometimes have to start in an “inverse” mindset and list what I know I DO NOT want or like. By identifying what we don’t want, it can help clarify what it is we DO.
For example: I know I DO NOT want to find myself filled with regret for having missed out on experiences that I want (such as traveling), THEREFORE I WILL make it a priority to travel by saving my money, responsibly using my Paid Time Off at work, and not putting things off “until later” when a really good deal or opportunity arises.

It’s common (and easy) to ride through life on the tail winds of whatever life brings your way and just assume this is all there is; it is much more difficult (but so much more rewarding) to look at your life and dare to DREAM!

Scrutinize where you are in ALL areas and dream about what they could be like if you had no limits. Figure out where you (or others) are imposing limits and make a plan to break those barriers down! Sometimes we need help from others – and that is where reading self development books, listening to podcasts, going to therapy, attending seminars of interest, hiring a professional coach, and more come into play. We NEED the ideas of others to help inspire us! You don’t know what you don’t know – therefore if you never take the leap and do what is new, uncomfortable, scary or unknown, you might miss out on the next level of what life has to offer!

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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