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March 2020 Goals

It’s absolute madness to think that we’re already 3 months into the year – but here we are! I am SO excited for March and I feel like I am ready to “spring” into the warmer months with renewed excitement!

  1. Money – This won’t change much from February’s Goal – but still trying to make sure I do what I can to pay that car loan off early!
  2. Food/Diet –  Trying some different meal prep services to work on being better about cooking AND having more well-rounded meals, you know, with Vegetables and such. :)-

    Fitness – With the half marathon approaching quicklyI am going to try my best to stick to my training plan, even whilst on vacation which will undoubtedly suck. I will get two rest days per week, 1 short run, 2 medium runs, 1 long run and 1 cross training day each week. I’m very glad the time change is happening soon because my training plan will require more distances by the fourth week & I will certainly need to do some runs after work, so more hours of sunlight will be nice to have!

  3. Travel – This month my man-friend will be visiting from Scotland, so we will be taking a couple little trips during his visit to Seattle, LA and Las Vegas. We have a full itinerary of exciting things to do and food to eat, so this will be fun!

  4. Other –  The house purge/downsize is complete…BUT I still think I can do more. Am going to take a turn through everything again after my vacation and see if there’s more space I can free up, money to make from selling things, or peace to be found by eliminating some of the chaos.– I also want to keep up on getting through some books/reading and self-growth. I have been working my way through “Critical Conversations” and educating myself on the principles of “Non-Violent Communication” – which are sort of similar topics and work nicely together in my mind. If you’ve not looked into NVC, you should read about it, really interesting stuff!

I think that’s it for now…

what are YOUR goals or ambitions for the coming month!?

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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