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February 2020 Recap

Click here to read about my February Goals in full…

Overall debt payments: $1,920.00
Car Loan payments: $810.00

I have sold all the Poshmark clothes that I could and I ended up making around $200.00 total after the app sales and the little things locally. I will take it, because that’s $200.00 I didn’t have before and almost a whole car payment! I did try and list some items on “offerUp” but didn’t get much response – so may hold on to some of the more pricey things and see what I can do.

Staying focused on my debt crushing has been a bit defeating at times (when I feel particularly like I’m somehow missing out on life) BUT I did take a little of my tax return and get some things I wanted and/or had been putting off. It’s balance and I can’t WAIT to share about one of my purchases when it arrives … it is gorgeous and makes me SO happy!


Health & Fitness
I am done with the strict counting of Macros and it was TOUGH. It was interesting though to see and helped me a lot. I allowed alcohol back into my regular “diet” (no more Dry January!) so that has been interesting to feel the effects of again!

I’ve been adding jogging into the mix using my guided walk/jog tracks in the Peloton App and I actually find it much more enjoyable than just listening to music! I’ve never been a runner, but I am trying to find what I enjoy, while challenging myself. I found myself wanting to try to jog/walk so I am listening to my body and giving it a go!

Health Overall:
Been feeling good – but I felt how the pounds were creeping back up (I noticed a lot in my torso/midsection) so I’m trying to curb that a bit with the jogging and ramped up exercise. My blood labs will be done in early April – so trying to stay focused and make sure that I am improving, or OUT of the diabetic range by then!

– 6:15am morning routine – I have kept this and I still am by no means a “morning” person – but I am finding it a bit easier. Coupled with morning workouts, I am not doing too badly and still sometimes go back for a short nap if I’m feeling unusually depleted, after my coffee, which helps the “power nap” feel even better! The early wake up call allows me a little flexibility, which I like and shall continue.

– 10 minutes per day of reading/listening to an audio book or podcast. I’ve been really enjoying some new audio books (High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard and Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson). I hadn’t paid attention to it before BUT Audible allows trade ins (within a year of download) so I swapped out some books I wasn’t feeling and got a whole bunch of great new ones! I had been listening to a lot of the same ones on repeat, so it’s refreshing to get some new ideas!

My upcoming trips to Seattle & Las Vegas in March 2020 have been my current focus – so no trips taken in February. Been eyeballing lots of good travel deals though and itching to book something!

What are your goals for March 2020? Spring is coming soon – do you do anything specifically “seasonally”?

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