Get Out of Your Head

Feeling stuck? Got the blues or just a little bored? You’re not alone.

I’ve heard this similar sentiment from various people in my life lately and I don’t know if it’s the season (winter can get people down) or just a shift in the moon/sun – but I thought we might discuss some ideas for how to start getting out of that feeling! Sometimes you need to take action and let the momentum carry you to the next thing!

My first thought is always – start “close” to yourself and with things that are most definitely within your control.

– EVALUATE – Check in with your mind, body and soul. Are there things you KNOW deep in your heart that you can do but you just aren’t?
For instance:
Perhaps you KNOW you don’t get 8 hours of sleep per night.
Maybe you don’t drink enough water.
Perhaps you’re not nourishing your body with good/healthy foods.
Maybe you’re not moving or being active enough.
All those examples are WELL within your control and even if you only try and improve one of those at a time – you will undoubtedly be doing something good for yourself.

ACTION – Now – do something about it! Most smart phones have sleep functions that allow for a bedtime reminder, do not disturb function, etc. Perhaps this week you focus on setting a routine for before bed, make sure you get a full 8 hours (of sleep, not time in bed scrolling on your phone), and power down your electronics so you get good, uninterrupted rest.

Take action in one area and give yourself a week (or two even) to try it out. See what resonates. Even if it doesn’t come naturally or feel “easy”, maybe you still just do it practice being committed to yourself and your wellness.

Maybe you need to consider changing up routines or challenging your mind or body.

Do you go through your life just waking up, going to work, coming home and doing it again? Groundhog day is no way to exist, much less LIVE – so SEEK OUT some joy!
Try a restaurant you’ve never gone to.
Dig out one of those half-completed projects and work on it!
Sign up for a free class or group (hellloooo Facebook groups or and see what other people in your community are doing.
Volunteer for an afternoon, giving back always makes a person feel good! Pick one area of your home and rearrange it. Move some furniture, throw out some clutter, add a new plants or festive pillows and refresh the space!

There’s a multitude of ways to work on improving your mindset, mood or outlook – but really it comes down to YOU.
You have to WANT to try – and keep trying even when it doesn’t feel like there’s any point. It may not feel like it, but one day, some action will click or some words will resonate and you will notice you feel a little better.
You’re not alone.


By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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