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“Toy Store” (from the Sidewalks Of Paris Suite) – serigraph on Coventry paper by Liudmila Kondakova

I alluded to an exciting purchase recently in my post about my “February in Review” and this was it! Mind you – this does not do it justice, and in person, framed, matted and displayed it is even more gorgeous! All of her works are so carefully detailed and vibrant.

I was first introduced to the work of this artist about 4 years ago at a local gallery my friend worked at. I was fortunate enough to view the beautiful collection and even have met Ms. Kondakova twice now in person! Year after year, when the gallery would host her, I would come to the shows and gaze longingly at the pieces of art that were so mesmerizing, but felt completely out of my reach. The gallery always sent lovely little postcard sized prints though with the invitation for the events – so I have small pieces on my fridge, my desk at work and scattered at home.

After longing for one of the collection for so many years – this 2020 exhibition I took the plunge and purchased one of the limited 100 copies. This year when I attended the exhibition and spoke to the artist, she advised me that the Toy Store is no longer there, it was removed and replaced with a jewelry store. I’m sort of saddened because I know I will never see this in person, however I’m happy because it just makes this moment in time even more special and I feel so fortunate to get to keep a piece of, now, history.

It was exciting and exhilarating to purchase a piece of art (I feel so mature!), but most of all just made me giddy with happiness! It is something I adore and brings me such joy every time I look at it on my wall. I have always dreamt of going to Paris, and this piece transports me there. If I had the money (and wall space!) I would have the whole collection from the “Sidewalks of Paris” in my home.

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