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23andMe – My Genetics Deep Dive

For more than a couple years now I have been interested in my genetics. I was adopted (read about that here) and I felt strongly that I would like to know more about my medical history or pre-disposition for specific illnesses. I wasn’t so concerned with the family heritage/ancestry side of things – but I purchased a kit from 23andMe and opted for the:

Health + Ancestry Service
Genetic insights into ancestry, traits and health with 150+ personalized reports

The process:
Pretty straight forward. Once I purchased online (this option runs you about $200.00 USD), about 5 business days later I received a small box in the mail. I provided a DNA sample (spit) and returned it in a pre-paid envelope/box. The company emailed me when they received my sample, and advised it could take up to about a month to get my results back. Thankfully it was much faster and I got my results in just around two weeks!

1. Ancestry:
I knew I was adopted from Korea – however I have never been sure of my lineage. Turns out I am *drumroll* ……………………
76.5% Korean, 22.3% Japanese and 0.6% Chinese!
Who knew!? This doesn’t much change my beliefs or views on anything, however it is interesting.

2. Family:
From their database, I have about 1,200 DNA relatives! None are closer than a 3rd cousin, and I doubt I would reach out – but now we can find each other if we want to!

3. Health:
Of all the health reports and insights – (thankfully) I only had two tiny things noted:
I have the tiniest chance of age-related Macular Degeneration and (no shock here) an increased likelihood of Type 2 Diabetes. Also – I do not appear to be a carrier of any specific genetic variants that could affect a child, even though I don’t want to have one.

Personal Profile:
Funny quirky things: they said I am likely lactose intolerant (YES), am likely to move more than the average person in my sleep (ask my sister, lol, YES I DO), am likely to be bitten by mosquitos more frequently than most (YES!), and less likely to have a fear of public speaking (also true, it doesn’t bother me).  There were a LOT of interesting results (like the previous) and most were pretty accurate.

Overall, I’m just happy to know I have nothing to fear about my genetic health. I think it’s very interesting to review all their reports and results, so I would certainly say it’s a worthwhile investment!


By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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