Positive Does Not Mean Cheery

On the heels of listening to the book “Let Your Mind Run” by Deena Kastor, I was inspired to write about the power of mindset … but really to clarify.

I have long believed in positive thinking and the importance of taking a lesson from something rather than just deciding it was a “failure”. I think setbacks are amazing fuel for success and that resilience, optimism and some powerful re-framing of a situation (or thoughts) can make a world of difference. 


I find it necessary to point out that optimism, and positive thinking do not mean the same as cheerful. Somehow they have been mutated into one lump, but they are certainly not reliant upon each other to exist. 

I point this out because I frequently get confused reactions or questions because people say I “seem” so serious, gruff, stern or the like. I don’t have to be Susie Fu*king Sunshine to be able to turn my inner dialogue positive. I don’t have to say “good morning” to every passing person on the street to have a positive outlook on my own life. I think it’s very amusing, because I would say that of a majority of people I know – I have one of the most consistently positive, resilient and optimistic mindsets. 

I saw the below post on Instagram the other day and I felt it was really useful in highlighting the different lines of thought. 

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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