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What’s Your Average?

It has been said that one takes on the habits and traits of the five people that they spend the most time with. If that’s the case – what does that “average” out to?

Do the people you spend your time with challenge you? Do they make you want to be better? Do they inspire you? Do they cheer for you and support you? What habits or traits do you find rubbing off on you (in both positive and negative ways), or what do you hope to learn?

I noticed one theme in particular throughout my own connections, and that is softness, kindness and patience. Most the people I spend my time with regularly exhibit great measure of those traits and with much more ease than comes naturally to me. I know that being kind, patient and understanding are things I could do with improving upon, and even without consciously fixating on it – I seem to have unwittingly surrounded myself with people who can make me better. I hope that on the flip side of our relationship, perhaps I inject some boldness, courage or strength in them. I know we all have something to learn and something to teach, however we don’t always recognize when those lessons are taking place.

I have plenty of people in my life that bring an array of traits to the table. Recognizing this – I sometimes have to temper my time with certain people, because as lovely as they might be, they sometimes bring chaos, alcohol or substance abuse, or a mixture of frenzied energy and drama that isn’t always what is best for me physically, mentally or emotionally. It’s ok to recognize the dynamic of a relationship and moderate it. That doesn’t mean you don’t care for a person or aren’t their friend – they just aren’t the friend you need in that very instance, and odds are you have another friend who does fill that need, if you just ask.

If you look at your time spent – how do you feel about those people? Even in the context of the “average” – I hope that average equates to something awesome, and if it’s not what you feel is the “best” you (or working toward it), then perhaps it’s time to re-examine those “top 5”.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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