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Friday the 13th

Since March 2020 has a “Friday the 13th” in the month, I thought I would talk about one of my tattoos! 

On my right shoulder I have a small paper airplane (apologies for the slightly blurry photo but I was a little shaky immediately after I got it). I got this in San Francisco during a visit to the bay area and hadn’t planned on it. I was there with an ex of mine and we realized that it was a Friday the 13th! 

He had already gotten a Friday the 13th tattoo before, but I never had – so we did some calling around and found a shop that was participating in the “tradition” and went for it! For those who might not know – on Friday the 13th, some tattoo shops have a tradition of offering $13.00 tattoos.
They are typically limited as follows:
1. Must be chosen from the flash sheets
2. Will be black and white only
3. No resizing
4. Must go on a part of the body that is exposed without needing to remove clothing
5. First come, first served – We had to wait in line for about an hour to get ON the list, and that was us getting there well before the shop “opened”. Then we had to wait to get a phone call (about 3-4 hours later) to say our names were coming up, come back and wait for another 30 minutes or more. It’s worth the wait though, because if your name is called and you’re not there, they WILL move on and you will just get bumped. 
6. Tipping – Most people give a $7.00 tip and round it up to $20.00 total – but even if you choose to tip more, still a steal of a deal for a tattoo.

Have you ever gotten a F13 tattoo?? Would you? Why not?



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