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Fear – Debilitating or Motivating?

As I write this, I am just 30 days away from my first half marathon.

While I don’t always get to experience this feeling, I can sense the fear creeping into my mind, my soul and my heart. My heartbeat races, my inner thoughts start swirling. I don’t fear many things, but I think this race evokes a sense of fear because I have to fight back all these limiting beliefs that I kept in my mind for decades.

“I am not a runner”

“I am not athletic”

“I am not strong enough to run a half marathon”

I have told myself these things so often that I am now having to put in the work to combat them. I know that when I have moments of fear, panic or anxiety, I can either let it hold me back, or use it to fuel me forward.

I have summoned all my courage and so far, I’ve found this challenge to be one that seems tough but manageable. I am following a training plan and I have invested in (what I believe to be) the most necessary clothes, gear, and recovery tools to accomplish this test of willpower safely.

I know how easy and comfortable it can be to sit back and let fear take over, making excuses or justifications for not getting out of that comfort zone, however I don’t accept that. I refuse to allow my greatness remain undiscovered. I do not believe that I can be conquered by any person other than myself and I am limitless.

As long as I have the mental and physical faculties necessary – I will prevail.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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