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Why I Paid Someone to Clean My House

While I am not destitute, I am not wealthy either. I am a normal person with a normal job and make an average salary. So, the question has been posed to me about why I paid someone else to clean my home recently. To be honest – I paid the money to help ease my own mind. My time is money, and my emotional state is something I very much like to keep in a peaceful state when I can. That being the case, due to a recent house guest and other life situations, I felt it time to hire a professional.
A fair sum of money and 9 hours later…

Let. Me. Tell. You.

If you get your house cleaned/organized by someone who is truly a professional in that line of work, your home will not be the same and you will be amazed. The amount of stress, frustration, energy and all things negative that were lifted from me when I came home is a hard thing to quantify – but it was HUGE. I don’t think I even realized how much I needed the physical and metaphorical cleansing of my space.

I have lived in my apartment for around 4-5 years now. In that span of time I have never once had it professionally cleaned. I also have lived with people in my small (1 bedroom 1 bath) space, at one point had two cats in the home, and have generally just had 4 years worth of living. Needless to say, it needed a deep cleaning.

Also since the start of this year I have put a focus on downsizing and de-cluttering. Due to a long term visitor I hadn’t really seen any noticeable difference in my efforts, since they had their items in my home. Once they departed and I had my cleaner come in – WOW. It was MUCH more apparent how much I had gotten rid of, and I also saw what I still needed to purge – since everything was put away properly and that which didn’t have a spot, or didn’t fit, clearly needed to be re-prioritized and/or gotten rid of.

Will I have this cleaning happen again? Yes. Every week or month? Probably not. My apartment is now to a place that I can maintain it and if I need help with something or a SPECIFIC annual deep cleaning or similar, I know who to call. My mind is at ease, my space if peaceful and I enjoy being at home. I feel healthier and my environment is one that brings me joy rather than a chaotic stress zone.

Honestly – best money I have spent in a while and I don’t regret it one bit.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

2 replies on “Why I Paid Someone to Clean My House”

I love that you did this! First of all you deserve it! Housekeepers are trained to do things in such a way that “normies” may have never been taught. To me this service is just like any other maintenance we humans pay for- and I am all for it! Whether it be a pedicure, a brow reshaping, or even a hair wash- getting any of those done on a professional level is so different than a DIY! Can we clean our own house? Yeah! Can a professional show us a thing or two and reset our baseline idea of clean? Absolutely!

I loved this post of yours, Ti!

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