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Cow x Bear: A Whimsical Dining Experience

If you like a little fun, mystery and good food & drink – then you should consider a dinner with “Cow x Bear”.

A meal cooked and presented/served by a literal bear (costume alert!) with just 13 other diners. You can reserve a seat – but you won’t know WHERE you’re going to have dinner until the mystery address is received 24 hours prior to your reservation. You are told a region/cuisine – but the food and drink menu is left to the discretion of the Chef!

Check it out here – sign up to get the latest menu themes, notification about ticket availability and more. From what I’ve seen – tickets sell out quickly (even with a bit of an elevated price tag) – and seating is limited to 14 guest per dinner, so those who hesitate will not have the advantage! I booked my reservation about a month in advance – if that’s any help.

**Flash Forward**
It is now the day before my reservation.
As promised, I received an email today with an address for the location of our dinner, as well as some guidance. I am VERY excited to experience this and will update after this delectable social experience!

Ambiance/location: As stated earlier – the location remains a secret until the day before – so I won’t disclose where ours actually took place, but it was SO lovely. See the pictures below – but the decor was so gorgeous, from the cutlery to the plates, glasses, table and room decor and much more. They had thought of so many lovely little details that made the night all the more memorable. They took photos (with a camera!) for the guests, with the Chef Bear, there were lovely little throw blankets at each chair in case someone was too cold, and they played fun German music to go with the theme!

The lead “host” and only person serving us food/drink was a lovely woman who kept us informed about what we were eating and drinking, as well as acted as photographer and general room moderator.


Food & Drink (and Bear Chef):
This was delicious. Honestly I cannot say enough good things. For a Bear (or a human) they food was delightful. Some of the MOST delicious smoked salmon I’ve had in a long time, Bratwurst, and hints of cheese were just SOME of the amazing food items. For drinks, we started out with a delicious concoction that contained Jagermeister (of course!) and then moved on to a pairing of various German wines throughout the dinner. So much food and drink – we left STUFFED and ready for hibernation.
(Sorry I didn’t post more food pics – but I was just so excited to EAT!)


Would I do it again? HELL YEAH. It was SO much fun. My man-friend and I had an absolute blast. The other diners were really cool and we even left after to get drinks with another couple and exchanged numbers so we could hang out again someday! Yes, it’s pricey – but trust me, it’s very much worth it!

By DreamerSD

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