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Working From Home – I LOVE IT

With the state of the world being (mostly) on lock down, those of us fortunate enough, are now finding ourselves working from home. I’ve done this in the past (intermittently) with various jobs but this is the first time I’ve been told to do it for more than just a day or two. Needless to say – I love it.

I see all these people on social media complaining it up…but a few things:

  1. BE GRATEFUL you have a job. There are SO many displaced individuals right now, facing financial insecurity, homelessness, and more. I am SO tired of seeing complaining about being “forced to work from home” and how “it’s sooo inconvenient” – STFU and just take your paycheck and do some work.
  2. Focus on the positives: Saving money on gasoline and vehicle wear & tear! Saving money (and calories) by staying home and (likely) cooking more! More time to connect with family and friends (via social distancing measures). Time at home to focus on all those little crafts/cleaning/organizational projects and more! Plenty of time saved on commuting (maybe use it to work out instead?). Cost savings by not wearing makeup daily (since we won’t be seeing other people), skincare improvement by letting the face breathe for a bit, and improved hair health since it doesn’t need to be heat treated or have products put in it!
  3. Working from home, there’s so fewer interruptions! No “nosy Nancy” cubicle neighbor peeping your screen or trying to spread some (unnecessary) gossip about a coworker you aren’t even friends with. No “chatty Cathy” trying to talk your head off about things that only she would find interesting. No “dirty Dan” leaving a mess in the breakroom or touching your desk. No irate customers (or coworkers) screaming in your face or threatening to “call your manager” for whatever small thing is bothering them. No “sticky hands Stan” swiping your coffee creamer or trying to pretend like they didn’t use the last of something but not refill it.

All in all – with the age of technology that we exist in – working from home is truly such an easy transition and (mostly) seamless. Don’t take for granted that people out there either don’t have the option or don’t have a job. Enjoy this time that you have to yourself and fill it with productive things that enrich your health, and your life.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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