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The Gift of Life

Lately there’s been a focus on dividing the generations and (seemingly) pointing blame at one group of people or another. There’s also a careless attitude floating about with a sentiment of “COVID-19 only kills the older people” …as if that’s something not to be concerned with?

Getting old(er) is a gift, a priceless privilege, and those who are fortunate enough to live to an age of “elder” should be cherished, revered, respected and NOT compromised. Most of that “age” also brings with it life lessons, compassion, experience, wisdom, gratitude and more – in amounts that those in a position of youth have yet to begin to fathom. Many have suffered indignities at the hands of others or forfeited their own freedoms, gains, or prosperity in order to let those of the next generation exist or see success. 

To those who would say the elders of our world are “no big loss” – you are wrong. Every life lost unnecessarily or before its time is a loss. Every human being deserves the chance to live their fullest and longest life. No one deserves to watch their lover, parent, grandparent or otherwise, pass on in a painful and (likely) avoidable scenario. Selfishness, recklessness or stupidity are not reasons or passes that should allow someone to compromise the life of another. Be safe out there and protect each other as if you loved everyone else just as much as you love yourself; and if you don’t love yourself – perhaps therein lies the root issue. 

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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