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April 2020 Goals

I am hopeful that the Spring comes early and stays nice – however April showers bring May flowers….so we’ll see! Let’s just hope April can shower away some of these germs/virus and make the world fresh again!

  1. Money – With a new “normal” setting in with the Pandemic, I am going to keep paying my bills/debts but pause the excess payments for now. I think it wise to save my money during this time of crisis and ensure that my needs are met and covered in case anything should worsen.
  2. Food/Diet – Again – the world impact is changing life as a whole – so my food/diet is a bit more limited to what I can get (thank goodness I get my weekly food deliveries from that ensures I get some fresh produce and meats!), but I plan to just try and make sure I am getting a well rounded diet as best I can.
    Fitness – The “shelter in place” order has actually been pretty good for my fitness! I have much more “free time” so I work out more! I plan to continue my (new) half marathon training plan (it’s about 16 weeks long) so hopefully I can come out of this apartment fit and ready to tackle a half marathon at some point!
  3. Travel – Clearly travel is out for the time being – and thankfully I didn’t have anything booked in the immediate next couple months – so I am hopeful that this will all pass by the summer and I can again resume my planning for the next adventure. However – this is a good time for me to finish paying off my balance from the last trip (man friend’s visit this past month) and save save save for the next ones!

  4. Other –  Being trapped in the house just means more time to clean, organize and downsize. Although my car is already getting pretty full with donations that I need to drop off – but can’t yet. That’s ok though. I’m happy to have the time to give my home the attention and care it needs.

    I also have been tearing through some of my “reading list” audiobooks – which makes me insanely happy. I love to learn new things and being able to listen to books while I do other things makes it a win/win. I typically only got to when I was in my car or taking walks – but now I have much more time to devour them! With Audible you can also trade in books (within a year of download) – so I have a pretty fresh collection of new ones to listen to and keep my mind going.

    Lastly – I want to continue a cross stitch project and see if I can’t get it done. I am using the scenes from it to make gifts for friends – so I hope to get that finished during this period of being at home. 

I think that’s it for now…stay safe out there!

What are YOUR goals or ambitions for the coming month!? How has the state of the world changed your goals/priorities and what you’re focused on?

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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