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March 2020 Recap

Click here to read about my March 2020 Goals in full…

Overall debt payments: $1900.00 +/-
Car Loan payments: Paid an extra $315.00 above my normal monthly
Honestly – did pretty well AND with the new “stay at home” situation with COVID-19, I am also feeling like the saving to spending ratio is better!

Health & Fitness
Diet: While I am staying at home – my diet is marginally better since I’m cooking more. However I do try and support local small businesses during this time, so my diet hasn’t been exceedingly perfect. 😉

Workouts: I try and get out and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine daily – especially now that I am working from home and need to stay active even more than usual. I have been better though about consistently exercising, which has made me feel good.

– 6:15am morning routine – This has shifted slightly – since my work schedule required an earlier start time while working from home/with the current state of things. I now am mostly doing workouts after my workday is done, but I still get up by 7am.

– 10 minutes per day of reading/listening to an audio book or podcast. – This has amplified greatly since staying at home is now my jam. I actually just finished the audiobook “Finding Ultra” by Rich Roll and have started in on two new ones.

March brought my man-friend over from abroad so while we couldn’t do ALL the things we had scheduled, we did get to hop over to Las Vegas before it was shut down. Also we just spent time at home and explored locally. Check out some of our food experiences in my other posts, such as “Cow x Bear” and “Tanuki“, as well as our first round of Virtual Reality fun!


That’s 17 days I did a workout on the Peloton app, 56.7 miles on my peloton bike, and 34.8 miles ran (jogged) in the month of March!

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