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Infinity Bottle Experiment

I was recently made aware of an interesting concept going around the spirit drinking world called “Infinity Bottles”. Check out the full article here.

To “distill” this article down for you – essentially people are making “blends” at home with their already purchased spirits. Now, this is NOT a “kings cup” situation and it is not advised that you mix EVERY spirit into a bottle. I mean I guess you COULD but I doubt it would taste good?

I have decided to start my own “infinity bottles” with one for “Scotch Whiskies” and another with “American Whiskies”. The tricky part is though, that once you drink any of it, then the blend is no longer the same ratio…going to have to learn to let go of my rigid-ness and accept that the changing flavours will end up being a part of the mix that makes it unique. I am keeping track (with a note for each jar) of what I am putting in each time. I liken this “personal blending” to someone who might create their own starter for their home bread making, it will be ever unique!

Scotch Whiskey Blend (1oz of each):
Auchentoshan 12 year
Oban 14 year
Loch Lomond 12 year
Loch Lomond Inchmoan 10 year

American Whiskey Blend (1.5 oz of each):
Bulleit 95 Rye
Skrewball Peanut Butter

I did a side glass of each blend with .5oz of each of the whiskeys, and survey says….
Scotch Blend:
Really good! I can tell that the Auchentoshan and Oban helped to smooth out and sweeten up the two Loch Lomond additions. The aroma/scent is less specific – really just smells of strong alcohol, lol, which is to be expected.

American Blend:
Seriously very good! I was surprised because I wasn’t sure how the Rye would be with the Peanut Butter taste – but it was welcomingly smooth and sweet, but not overly sugary! I would mix those again for sure!

Overall, I think this will be fascinating and can’t wait to add to my infinity bottles after I get some new spirits! I think if I get Irish Whiskeys (because I do love some Jameson and all their variations!…the Jameson Bow Street Distillary visit was seriously a highlight of my LIFE) I will keep them separate in another infinity bottle as well!


I have since started my (as promised) Irish whiskey infinity bottle. It’s been kicked off with:

Jameson Caskmates Stout and Jameson Caskmates IPA editions.

I ALSO added one to the American blend, a 1.5 oz pour of some Basil Hayden’s!

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