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What I Miss

While I don’t like to dwell on the “negative” during times of trial, I think it’s safe to say there are things that we miss. It’s healthy and safe to acknowledge them – and to see what we have a new found appreciation for, now that we are to do without.

  1. Eggs. Seriously. Since March 14, 2020, I have had one egg, and that was only because my friend was kind enough to give me 4 of hers, which I am now rationing. Haven’t been able to find any when I go to the store or order. I just want a nice egg sandwich, or maybe an scramble. *sigh* *drool*
  2. Sushi. I COULD get it – but my FAVE little spot isn’t always open and until recently didn’t offer delivery either. I usually swing by for a quick lunch or dinner once a week so I feel like I REALLY noticed this one as well.
  3. My work setup at the office. I have an adequate setup at home (dual monitors, a sit stand, etc) – but it’s just not as ergonomically perfect as my work desk, so I find myself with an aching tush from my chair, or a little shoulder tension.
  4. The ability to just find a deal, and book a flight for a vacation. I love to travel and get away, so with no end in sight, I feel the travel bug biting. Also, with my man-friend living across the oceans, my parents and sister in different states, I just really wish I could plan a time to see them – but alas, bookings are on pause.
  5. Walking at the lake. I used to do this regularly but now it’s closed to the public, and I wouldn’t drive there even if it weren’t. I just liked being able to meet up with a gal pal and take a leisurely walk while we chat, look at the ducks, feel the breeze, and enjoy nature.
  6. Being able to just go get whatever I want, whenever. It’s interesting now since I have to choose and prioritize what is truly necessary. No late night run for a bottle of wine. No last minute “oh I forgot some butter” trips. If I forget it, it’s gonna wait.

I would say those are the most noticeable things I have observed myself “missing” in the recent days. I think it’s a short list, which I can appreciate all the good things too, but I will be glad when life can resume normally.


By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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