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Spark Something Good

“To devote a portion of one’s leisure to do something for someone else is one of the highest forms of recreation.” – Gerald B. Fitzgerald

What could you do to make life a little better for someone else?

The Netflix film “Good Sam” revolves around a mysterious Good Samaritan that gives away bags filled with $100k to people around New York City. While we are stuck inside and (likely) can’t afford to donate $100k, I challenge you to think of a way to do something good AND do it without taking any credit.

I was saddened by the fact that I put a “question” on my Instagram story the other day where I asked people to “tell me something good you’ve done for someone else during this time” and while 66 people (thus far) have seen the post/question – literally only one person answered. 

Now, I’m SURE (or want to believe) that those 65 other people might have done something but perhaps just didn’t feel like answering…but it still makes me sad that in this time of craziness, people aren’t trying to do more GOOD. 

Some ideas (of course keeping in mind your own safety and social distancing measures):
1. Purchase a gift card at your grocery store and the next time you’re checking out, give it to the cashier to put toward the bill for the next person in line.
2. If you have the means – Perhaps put $10.00 cash in notecard and leave it in a strangers mailboxes, saying something like “paying it forward and hope this can help in some small way.” 
3. If you know a neighbor or friend who has a pet – perhaps drop an anonymous bag of cat/dog food at their door. 
4. Make (or order delivery) of some flowers, or something (likely best to not send food items), to a local hospital for the staff. The hospital staff can always use a pick me up and to know they are being supported. Same for local law enforcement or emergency services, like the fire dept. 
5. Leave a thank you note or surprise out for your local mail-person and/or delivery workers like UPS/FedEx/etc. They keep delivering – so they should get a little recognition! This could also be done for the people who collect the garbage (if you know when they come by) or check the meters.
6. If you live in a shared housing complex (like apartment style) – in a community area, perhaps set out a bowl of fruit (with a note to wash well before eating), or even some little “good news” cards with something positive written on them.

If you have enough, then you have enough to give. Any other ideas? Share in the comments – I would love to hear and spread ideas!




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