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Why I Still “Schedule”

There are a lot of ways that people are spending their time now that a majority of people are staying at home. No way is right or better than another – but for me, I need to remain structured.

I am a special kind of sloth-like person, who if I am not structured in my life, I will literally just go into a downward spiral and end up next to comatose on a couch for days on end. Knowing this, I have chosen to keep my life as (close to) normal as possible.

  1. I still get up in the morning – but Lately I have been pushing that a little later – just because my work schedule hours were moved, so I like to sleep in a bit, then do my workouts after I get “off” work in the afternoon.
  2. I still set my coffee pot to auto brew every morning (I prep it the night before) to help me get up.
  3. I do not put on makeup or fix my hair – but I do put on clothes that are not my pajamas.
    I also shower and do my skin care routine regularly still. I’m fairly certain my hair is growing even faster now that I’m not doing anything to it!
  4. I put my workouts on my calendar – meaning I write them in my physical day planner and I check them off each day. I also step out and get some fresh air each day.
    If I’m not outside jogging, I still like to just open the doors for a bit even just to let some air blow through and refresh my environment.
    I set out my workout clothes and accessories for whatever it is the day before – on my couch – so I can’t plop down on the couch without seeing my workout stuff staring me in the face.
  5. Outside of weekends – I typically don’t allow myself to nap during the day. I try to stay awake and go to bed no earlier than 8pm. I know that if I sleep too much, I just end up feeling even more groggy for the whole day, so I have to keep my sleep (at night) to 9 hours or less in order to wake up alert. If I am feeling very tired though I will allow myself a “power nap” during my lunch break.
  6. I try and use a little template to choose:
    3 things I am doing each day to be productive/add value
    1 thing I am doing for my physical health
    1 thing I am doing for my mental health
  7. I check in on my friends and family – and I try to actually schedule “facetime” dates with people so we still enjoy some interaction.

These are just some ways that I implement structure and a sense of “normalcy” in my day-to-day life. I want to make sure I’m not letting my fitness/health decline, my mental health suffer, or lose touch with my humanity and those I love.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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