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STOP with the Shaming!

“A critic is someone who never actually goes to the battle, yet who afterwards comes out shooting the wounded.” – Tyne Daly

As if we didn’t have enough negativity in the world right now – but what is the DEAL with keyboard warriors on social media trying to incite anger, panic or finger pointing.

I have plenty of friends who (like myself) are abiding by all the guidelines of the WHO and CDC, yet still getting bombarded by (usually) strangers who say our daily walk/jog/workout outside is “the reason this continues”, I beg to differ, it’s not. We are doing exactly what is allowed and outsiders might see a snapshot in time of someone being “outdoors” on social media- but they don’t see the preparation or the aftercare. Wearing masks. The active avoidance of anyone else. The immediate removal of clothing upon coming home, followed by a full shower.  There’s a number of ways people are being reckless right now – but taking a walk (alone) is not the problem.

Mass gatherings (yes, this includes church – sorry people) are the problem. Spring breakers who won’t stop partying together at the beach are the problem. The people who blatantly disregard the rules and continue to congregate, touch and interact are the issue, NOT individuals who are doing what is allowed and doing it alone.

Stop launching bored, anger-fueled rants at strangers or accusing others of being something they aren’t. If everyone would mind their OWN life and business, as well as exert the same focused effort into spreading positive messages or helping others, the world would be much better served.  ALSO – While I do agree that people should abide by the rules and practice mask wearing/social distancing, etc – I saw the post below on FB and I think it’s something to remember/consider. Think (and judge, if you must) with a certain degree of sensitivity. YOU don’t know the WHY behind someone’s need to venture outside, so don’t immediately attack them or spew hate. Maybe (like below) there is a reason behind the action that you have NO idea about. Perhaps they are doing something to help others. Maybe they are helping someone ELSE and taking that errand so they don’t have to. Whatever the case may be – mind your own business and worry about doing your own part to make the situation safer.


By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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