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2 years of Change

“All you have to do is look straight and see the road, and when you see it, don’t sit looking at it — walk.” – Ayn Rand

April 26, 2018. This was the day I started “over” and set out to change the trajectory of my health and my future. Call it whatever you want – but I say “fitness journey” as an easily identifiable way to tell the story. You can read the link above to see a more in depth picture – or start here, but I felt it was important to keep celebrating my “fit-aversary” each year and to remember how far I have come. 

Since my first fit-aversary I have:

  1. Purchased a Peloton Bike – In that time have completed 87 cycling classes, 20 running, 14 strength and 1 stretching. My best “streak” so far has been 10 weeks of at least 1 class per 7 day period and I have racked up a ton of miles both on and off the bike. 
  2. Embarked on a half marathon goal – Read about it more here, and here, and here – but then it was sadly cancelled due to COVID-19. Not one to let anything stop me though, I am still training and plan to sign up for one after we are able to do those type of things again. 
  3. I put on some weight – but that’s ok. At my lowest/leanest point during that first year of change, I was not healthy. I was over-training, under eating and going about things in a REALLY unsustainable way. Working through a health overhaul ALSO meant focusing on a health mindset and balanced approach to a lifestyle. 
  4. I explored other/new ways of staying fit – Along with the new “jogging” and half marathon stuff, I started doing some drop in dance classes (hip hop at a local dance studio). I learned to listen to my body and not force intense workouts EVERY day. I took walks, and also started to focus on the physical recovery side of things more. I got a HyperIce Hypervolt+ home massage tool. I bought a foam roller and back massager. I started looking into other ways of taking care of my body, and encouraging recovery and rest. Fitness is not just how fast you can run or how long, it’s about whole body wellness and performance gains are made through rest/recovery. 
  5. I stopped weighing myself so much – I used to get monthly body scans done to check my measurements of fat, water, muscle, bone, etc…but now I have relaxed a bit and I know that it’s not necessary in my everyday life. If I were training for a bodybuilding competition or something, yes, then that would be helpful….but I’m not. I can tell from how my body looks, how I FEEL, how my clothes fit and more about the state of my fitness. I don’t need to look at a number every morning to feel like I’m doing “ok” in my life. 
  6. I lowered my A1C and while I’m not completely clear of it, my pre-diabetic/type 2 numbers are much better. I haven’t gotten blood work done recently, but I am hopeful that the next time I do, there will again show improvement. 

Overall, it’s been a really crazy, but great 2 years! I am VERY glad I saw that one awful photo of myself that hit me like a bucket of ice water. It gave me the jolt I needed and helped me find so much more than fitness. It gave me purpose, helped me understand a deeper sense of my mental state, let me examine my relationships with food, alcohol and myself. It helped me cleanse myself of habits that weren’t serving me and allowed me some space to re-evaluate my relationships and figure out who I wanted to be most. 


By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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