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May 2020 Goals

As hard as it is to see “the same four walls” every day, and keep a “fresh” perspective on life, I think (for me) it’s of utmost importance. I certainly HOPE we are able to leave our homes again in the relative near future, however if not, my goals are still going to be there.

  1. Money – Focusing on just sticking to the plan and chomping away at some debt, like a maniac!
  2. Food/Diet – Going to try and keep the delivery/take out at a minimum and prioritizing eating the food I have. I am really enjoying trying NOT to be wasteful, and finding creative ways to use all of things. Just in April I use the rinds of some oranges to make candied orange peels, and I also took some carrots that were surplus and pickled them!
    Fitness – I won’t lie – my fitness hasn’t been as high a priority for me as some of my other musical, educational and financial pursuits, but I still aim to get some blood flowing and keep my body moving.
  3. Travel – Hoping that the COVID clears and we can again travel in the future, as I have planned to go in October to see the man-friend for his birthday! Flights are booked (to Scotland and back) – but only time will tell! 
  4. Other –  The home cleaning/organizing/downsizing has resulted in a VERY full car of donations. Need to drop those off sometime…
    – I bought myself a keyboard, so want to make some headway on that and try to challenge myself to practice every day. Even if it’s just a 5 minute drill, there’s progress to be made!
    – I am still tearing through some of my “reading list” audiobooks – which makes me insanely happy. I finished “Eating in the Light of the Moon”, and am now bouncing between “The 5 second Rule” by Mel Robbins, and “High Performance Habits” by Brendon Burchard. I have a lot more on my list though so I am READY to learn!
    – “Masterclass” – I don’t want to burn through these too quickly – so I am trying to pace myself. I have triaged them by what I have most interest in, so I plan to start at the top of the list and work my way down, although my goal IS to have taken them all in by the end of my year membership.
    – Cross stitching…would be good to finish another square (or two!) – so will try and get there because ideally I would like to have all 6 squares done by end of June. 

Stay healthy and be kind!

What are YOUR goals or ambitions for the coming month!?

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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