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April 2020 Recap

It’s hard to believe that Summer is just around the corner…and with any luck we might get to be out in the sunshine and enjoying it! You can read about my April Goals in full here, but let’s recap how we did!

  1. Money – We done good! Paid off a lot of debt, which also took my car loan down to just the last thousand owed! On track to pay this sucker off by July 2020! Also did a little negotiating with my cell phone provider and saved myself an additional $60.00 a year.
  2. Food/Diet – My food/diet has leveled out a bit – since we know I was a little snack-a-holic at the start of my time working from home! I still get my weekly food deliveries from, and I have cut back a LOT on the delivery/take out food, which was good for both the money and the scales.
    Fitness – Since masks have been advised for most all outdoor activity, the running got put on pause. I HATE trying to breathe while I run, with something over my mouth/nose, so we have opted for indoor cardio sessions on the Peloton.
  3. Travel – Hoping that the COVID clears and we can again travel in the future, as I have planned to go in October to see the man-friend for his birthday! Flights are booked (to Scotland and back) – but only time will tell! 
  4. Other –  The home cleaning/organizing/downsizing has come along IMMENSELY this month. Man did I get some things DONE! Home is looking more and more tidy, and feeling SO good.
    – I bought myself a keyboard, and have been working on re-learning how to play. Since I quit as a child (I was young and dumb, of course lol), I have a lot of catching up to do, but I am SO excited and I love feeling challenged by this!
    – I am still tearing through some of my “reading list” audiobooks – which makes me insanely happy. I finished “Eating in the Light of the Moon”, and am now bouncing between “The 5 second Rule” by Mel Robbins, and “High Performance Habits” by Brendon Burchard. I have a lot more on my list though so I am READY to learn!
    – I also got a pass for “Masterclass” – so I’ve been watching those (on my TV) and enjoying the chance to get perspectives from the best minds in the various areas of industry and entertainment.
    – Lastly – I made some progress on an ongoing cross stitch project.  I finished one (of the 6) squares, and am happy to have something to ease my restless fingers/mind. 

I think that’s it for now…and I think that’s enough for the time being to keep myself busy!

Hope everyone is staying safe and doing good when/where you can!!

What are YOUR goals or ambitions for the coming month!?

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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