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Sleep…Where is my old friend?

Maybe it’s old(er) age, maybe its the quarantine but whatEVER the reason, MAN has my sleep been shit lately! Anyone else?

Ever since childhood, I USED to hit the pillow and fall asleep immediately. I also used to sleep like a ROCK through the night, literally nothing and noone could wake me.

1. I struggle to fall asleep. I have downloaded the “calm” app and been listening to the “sleep stories” as I do my nightly routine, which does seem to help, but it’s still rough and typically takes me at least 30-60 minutes of sleep stories before I doze off. I live/sleep alone, so it’s not as if there’s anyone else keeping me up. It’s all me.

2. I toss and turn. Just can feel myself restlessly kicking about all night long. I know I’ve always been an “active” sleeper and moved more, but it never used to wake me up when I did. I have been taking magnesium, which helps my body relax and me to “sleep” but it feels more of the “forced” sleep, rather than natural. Alcohol of course makes me feel sleepy but I know (duh) it doesn’t make my sleep that “good quality” sleep.

3. I don’t feel rested when I wake. I wake up bleary eyed, and never feel “refreshed” when I hear my alarm. Even on the weekends, I force myself to exit my bed at a reasonable hour, but I just feel so dang tired. I still get up when I need to, but getting up “early” is quite the struggle for me lately.

I was practically a human sloth for a large part of my life, but now my sleep has just been the worst. I have no answer for this – but I am working on taking inventory of what is going on and seeing if I can improve upon it. Perhaps when I am able to spend more of my days outside my home it will feel a bit better? Who knows.

Anyone else got the same feelings or issues? I hear other people saying their sleep has been disrupted lately, and others reporting that they wake around 2am/3am and can’t fall back asleep. I hope the research institutes are doing something during this pandemic to see the (possible) links, as it would be very interesting to read about in the future!

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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