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When we don’t “feel” like it

Temptations come, as a general rule, when they are sought. – Margaret Oliphant

I previously wrote about my blogging and how I feel sometimes when trying to challenge myself to write something EVERY. DAY.

While listening to a “Masterclass” the other day hosted by American astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, he brought up the an idea that was similar in nature. He discussed in Lesson 10, about being a writer and how writing “on a schedule” can be so useful. Forcing yourself to do it, especially when it doesn’t feel like you want to, isn’t always a bad thing. I know that many people say “honor your feelings” and “don’t push yourself all the time” and “rest when you need it”, however this is not like that.

It can be those moments of challenge that you grow. The practice of (in this case) writing might find you referring back to something you read ages ago, or using vocabulary that is more varied in order to not sound stale to your readership. It might cause you to want to read more, and expand your use of precise language or colorful descriptors. It might make you reflect on your life and your past for material, or it might inspire you to examine a relationship more deeply.

Even when things don’t come to us quickly, or easily, that doesn’t mean that we can’t create. Will every post be something deep and meaningful? No. Will every post appeal to every reader? No. BUT EVERY post will put you one step closer to those 10,000 hours of practice that can render you a professional. Every post will be something that was created by you and is a proud piece to look back on. Don’t let the temptation of something, or someone, entice you into skipping your efforts for a flash in the pan moment of “joy” that brings you no closer to the realization of your goals. Don’t let the “feeling” dictate what you embark upon, because you never know when you might not “feel like” doing whatever it is, but accidentally churn out a masterpiece.


By DreamerSD

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