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Musical Moments

For me, life has an endless soundtrack. Some people see their memories in colors, or smells, or maybe as little black & white movies, or a faded snapshot of a moment, but I see mine BOLD and almost always set to music.

Maybe I watched a lot of films, but for me, almost every memory can be tied to a song. I have playlists for so many moments; past, present and future moments that I know I want to remember forever. One playlist for those deep, aching moments of heartbreak that you think you might never recover from; to remind you that you lived nonetheless. Another for my future wedding day, to curate the memories with family and friends; because even if I never have a wedding, I will know what I would have danced to with each person. One for my moments that I needed strength and fury; or to help me get pepped up on my way to something that makes me nervous. I have songs for almost everything, and likely a song for every person I know (that I care for even a little) which my choices might take people by surprise.

As funny as it may be, a (more) recent memory became burned into my mind – proudly playing over the sounds of Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber’s collaboration called “I don’t care.” Listening to it now, I remember that day. I can close my eyes and teleport across time and space. I’m sitting in the passenger side of a little red car in Scotland. It’s an overcast, but lovely day, with a few clouds and spattering of rain every now and then, but all I see is blue and green. Blue skies, green grass on rolling hills. Quaint buildings and stretches of breathtaking scenery for as far as I can see. Driving along a curving road that’s barely wide enough for two cars, assuming they inch past one another, seeing cows and sheep in fields while they calmly mill around. That memory takes me driving, it also takes me walking around a majestic lake in a forested area. I am swept back to running through grass and staring in awe at castle ruins. I remember sitting on a bench outside of a small, old, castle area & taking in the lake. It reminds me of a lunch (fish & chips of course!) in a lovely inn style establishment near the lake. That lunch was typical, we even had a little fight during it but that passed by the time we were through. I remember the car ride to the lake and back to Glasgow. All the while, that song played at least 4 times (maybe more) on the radio during our short outing and we sang along, as we learned it (practically) in the span of just those hours. The memory of that day, with the man I love, is a memory that is always conjured up by that seemingly silly, simple song.

All that, from 3 minutes and 40 seconds.

I hope to never lose the ability to marry a song with a memory. I want to bottle the feeling, pour it onto a record and play it out loud so the people I love can join in. May your memories be loud and colorful, and so vibrant that you can’t ignore them when they sweep across you, and instead you are forced to pause and just enjoy the moment.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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