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Haleakala – Peloton Challenge

From the PeloBuddy site:
“Christine D’Ercole takes you through climbing the 10,000+ foot Haleakala Volcano, in this 5 part, 5 hour climb ride series.”

Explore the Haleakala National Park on their website and see what it’s all about!

The only difference is that my crazy crew of 5 other ladies and I will be doing this ride in one day, riding all 5 classes back to back (with a 10 minute break in between each), from our homes, this Saturday, May 16, 2020.

In a funny turn of events, because of COVID-19 my first ever half-marathon was cancelled. I was BEYOND bummed, because I had been training and was really pumped to try and challenge myself physically, mentally and emotionally through 13.1 miles of running. I’ve never run much – so this was a big thing to take on, and I still vow to do one, just not while I have to run with a mask on!


This ride – this is going to be my own little challenge and way to stay fit, focused and stimulated – all while staying in my home. To date, the longest I have ever ridden is (by time) 90 minutes and (by distance) around 23 miles. Though the mileage is not much more, it’s the sheer endurance and duration (as well as the climb element) that will take so much more grit than normal. I don’t have a goal, except to complete all 5, hour-long rides and to do it safely.

If you’re interested (and have a Peloton or the app), here are the classes:

We are doing them back to back, but by no means does that mean anyone else has to!
In preparation we have thought of/considered the following:

1. One of our ladies is an experienced ultra athlete, having done triathlons and such, so she is kind enough to do some zoom calls to prepare us for what to keep an eye out for, how to fuel ourselves before, during and after the ride, etc.

2. My bike is right next to the back of my couch – so I am going to use my couch as a little “extra” area to keep some extra sweat towels and gear. I am also going to pre-stage at my kitchen table (and in the fridge) pre-mixed bottles of electrolytes & water, changes of clothes, snacks and more.

3. We are taking 10 minute breaks in between each ride, so I want to use that time most efficiently to take in nutrients, stretch as needed, maybe use my massage Hypervolt Ice+ on the legs, change clothes if I’m disgustingly sweaty (which I am certain I will be), use the potty and mentally prepare for the next ride.

Not planned – but serendipitous – during this epic climb, I (and one other woman) will reach (and surpass) the 100 class milestone! In Peloton words, this is the “century ride” badge and you even get a t-shirt to commemorate the occasion (you pay shipping!). Most people go into a showroom, join a live class or something to celebrate, but I of course cannot go to a class/showroom right now, so this will do just fine! It will be a memorable and wonderful way to celebrate 100 classes.

It may not sound like much in the scope of a lifetime, but in approximately 397 days, I will have taken (over) 100 cycling classes (101 to be precise). That doesn’t include classes I deleted because I either didn’t finish them or just wasn’t happy with my workout (there’s no pause button on Peloton, so you just delete it lol). It also doesn’t include the 21 runs, 14 strength classes, or 2 dance/stretching classes that I have taken just in the Peloton platform alone.

Importantly, it also doesn’t adequately showcase the other workouts, or activities I have done in those almost 400 days. In just over a year I have probably been more active than ever in my life, excluding when I was in my teens. Just my Peloton workouts mean I did a workout at least (on average) every 3 days, which is a VAST improvement over what my activity level was like just a few years ago, and even when I was in the military.

Consistency is key and I have been focused on improvement of myself, not competition with others, which has been such a rewarding feeling. I am so excited to see another milestone in another 100 rides, or 500 workouts, or however I quantify! I am just very happy to be healthy and able to keep working out and moving my body!

By DreamerSD

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4 replies on “Haleakala – Peloton Challenge”

Hello!! I was wondering how this ride series went for you! I am considering attempting this to celebrate my 1-year anniversary with Peloton in January. Any tips and advice?? I’m nervous and excited, and could use all the help I can get!

Hi! Thanks for reading! I did a follow up post as well, so check that out, but I thought it was great! Def by mid way through ride 4 and most of 5, my quads were starting to feel a little cramping but other than that, it really wasn’t bad. Just go within your means, and don’t compete with anyone else, just aim to finish it and have fun! It can be a lot of fun, if you let it! I had a good group doing it all together as well so maybe recruit some friends so you can all high five throughout and such! Good luck!

Hello, I just did this 5-part ride today. I appreciated your two posts on this, as it helped with prep and made me interested enough to actually do it. It was challenging and fun!

*Clap clap clap* WAY TO GO! Yay! That’s awesome! Thanks for reading and I’m so pleased to hear it helped you with the prep AND with getting interested, that is totally amazing! I hope you felt super accomplished afterward (albeit sore lol) bc that’s so major! Wooooooo add me on Peloton if you want – @dreamer_sd7

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