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Haleakala – Peloton Challenge Review

From the PeloBuddy site:
“Christine D’Ercole takes you through climbing the 10,000+ foot Haleakala Volcano, in this 5 part, 5 hour climb ride series.”

Explore the Haleakala National Park on their website and see what it’s all about!

I wrote about it here, and this past Saturday myself and 4 other ladies did this ride in one day, riding all 5 classes back to back (with around a 10 minute break in between each), from our homes, in about 6 hours total.

In preparation I took a lot of measures to try and be as ready as I could:

1. I rested the week prior. In the 5 days prior to the ride, I only did one 30-minute ride and I did that mid-week, so that my legs could remember we had work to do, but not be overly fatigued. The other days I did light walking and stretching, as well as massage.

2. Day of, I used my couch as a pre-staged area with extra sweat towels, changes of clothing and random things. At my kitchen table (and in the fridge) I had pre-mixed bottles of electrolytes, BCAAs, liquid carbs & water (one 16 oz bottle of this mixture for each ride) and I made SURE to drink it before and during the ride. I also had some sandwiches pre-made and cut into quarters, so I could easily grab a small bite during each break.

3. We took 10 minute breaks in between each ride, so I typically found myself changing some of my clothes, going to the restroom and using my massage Hypervolt Ice+ on the legs.

I felt good during the first two rides, and each of the first two hours I PR’d the rides. Hour 3 is where it felt tough. I started to notice around the 3.5 hour mark that my quads and tops of my thighs were starting to fatigue and get a little cramping. The fourth hour (which was also my 100th ride!) was really tough. My ankles were starting to hurt a bit and my quads were beyond cramping. I am VERY glad to have my Hypervolt massage tool, as it certainly saved me during the breaks and helped me get through the ride. Hour five started with some cramping but by the end it lifted a bit and I was able to finish strong.

Post ride, I ate a HUGE amount of sushi (wanted some rice/carbs) and drank some more electrolytes and water. I spent the evening using my massage gun on my legs and trying to stretch and not stiffen up too bad. Much to my surprise, both day 1 and 2 post ride, my legs felt pretty good! I can feel that I worked out, but not at all stiff or sore like I anticipated. I fully expected to be a zombie, dragging my worthless lower half around my house – but I was not at all! I think a lot of that came from the prep work and ensuring I stayed up on my fluids during the duration. Recovery is no joke though, so hydrate, massage, ice and REST. Sleep is key and your body will need it!

Total, I clocked about 73 miles in the rides, hit many milestones, and expended over 2000 calories. It was not a joke, this was a REAL mental and physical test of endurance, for sure! If you do it, I say doing it in a group is a good idea, to help you stay motivated when those inevitable moments of “I want to quit” strike, mid cramp or after 4 hours on the bike! I loved the feeling of accomplishment after and I was very proud to say I completed the challenge!

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