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Travel Memory – The Isle of Arran – Scotland

Just around a year ago, I visited Scotland to see my man-friend, and during that visit to Glasgow, we took a little weekend trip to the Isle of Arran

To start the trip, it required us to take a train from Glasgow out to the western shores, where we could catch a ferry. On this train ride, I not only got to enjoy a lovely sandwich, but was also (importantly) introduced to the one and only Percy Pig candies. These are something between a gummy bear and a marshmallow candy, and they are very nice little sweet, chewy treats. 

After we made it to the edge of Scotland, we caught a ferry for a short trip across to Arran. We sat outside for a bit, as the weather was nice, but inside there were lots of comfy chairs, tables and bar areas, so we got some beers and I was also introduced to the “Vitamin T” aka Tennents Caledonian lager. 

Once we arrived, we set out to find our lodging for the night, a lovely little Bed & Breakfast called “Belvedere Guest House.” We found a short walk took us right there and it had SUCH lovely views of the water (see below) and three adorable little shi-tzu doggies to keep us company as well! The host was SO friendly and kind, and the FULL breakfast was home cooked and a delicious way to start the day!

Once evening came, we made our way to a local spot called “Crofters” Music Bar & Bistro for some dinner. Of COURSE I had to get my “go to” love of “Fish & Chips”, which were delish! We also both tried one of the locally brewed “Arran” beers, and then following dinner, went to the pub side for some tastes of the local Arran Whiskey! We drank, listened to music (some lovely older gentlemen at the table were quite entertaining!) and then went back to the B&B for the night. 

The next day we set out to explore, as we had the whole day before we were to catch the ferry back to the mainland, so we took a leisurely walk across the island beach shore area…which turned into quite a trek! I very unsuccessfully tried my hand at “skipping stones” which is something my man is MUCH better than I. We had THE most glorious weather, and I may be one of the rare few who can say they came home from a visit to Scotland with a sunburn and a tan. 

We walked across the beach, saw some lovely views of the water and then turned back to go through the more mountain/forested side on the return. We ended up at a small brewery area as well, where we had a couple nice beers to cool us down. We closed out the day having walked a fair amount around the island, and eventually made our way to the ferry landing. A quick trip in reverse from the start, and we were back home in Glasgow. It was a beautiful little getaway and the island is simply breathtaking. So peaceful and serene, it truly is magical and since we only got to see a sliver of the island, I would be more than happy to go back!

By DreamerSD

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