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Dining Out

With COVID-19, we have the opportunity to see what matter to us, truly, and why. We have gotten to take inventory of ourselves, our routines, habits, relationships, and more. One such thing for me has been the realization of how much I enjoy dining out.

Dining out holds a special place in my heart. I’m not talking about a run to a fast food joint during a lunch break but rather real, sit down meals, in a restaurant. Some of my earliest pleasant memories are ones at restaurants with my parents and family. To this day, whenever I travel or even in my local city, I love to explore the restaurants and experience what they have to offer. 

I think of the whole experience, the ambiance, food, drink and company. I don’t mind dining out alone either, however most my favorite memories are with friends or loved ones. Dining out now, as the world has been changed by COVID, seems so much more special, or at least that’s how I perceive and wish it to remain. I have stayed in (obviously!) and been eating at home primarily. Sometimes I have ordered to-go, but the last time I dined out (sitting in the restaurant) would have been mid March, 2020, so it’s been over 2 months now.

With that, I now know that I WANT to dine out, but I have a new appreciation and expectation for it. I want to make it truly for something (or someone) special, not just because I’m too lazy to cook on a Tuesday. I want to fully take in the experience of the meal, company and place…turning off my phone and savoring all those moments. I never want to take for granted the privilege it is to be able to afford a restaurant meal or to have people to share it with. I want my focus to be right where it should be, and I can’t wait to share in the dining out experience again!


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