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Most people live and die with their music still unplayed. They never dare to try. – Mary Kay Ash

If there’s one thing I have noticed in those around me who struggle, it is that they lack the ability to make a decision. Whether that means in a timely fashion, without the input of far too many others, or just at all. Decision making is key and being decisive will set you free. Of course it doesn’t mean there will then be no issues or problems that arise, but half the battle is the conflict between what YOU want and what you ASK people about. If you know the answer of what you want, there’s no point in asking anyone’s opinion anyway.

Those who are decisive can at least get the party started. They don’t spend time worrying and contemplating, they act, and if need be they course correct. Far more frequently in my life has it paid dividends to act decisively than to flounder and wait for more information or opinions. I often find things out sooner than if I would have waited, and am able to change my trajectory before it’s even noticeable.

If you are a reasonable adult and have your mental capacities about you, then making the decision that is right for YOU is typically a no-brainer. No, I am not encouraging you to end your relationship overnight or throw your work the bird tomorrow; I AM saying that if you want to change careers, you don’t need anyone’s input to start researching the process or putting in applications. You don’t need permission or people to validate that you are in a shitty relationship or that you are being used/abused in any way, you KNOW this. Just because you haven’t gotten the word from those around you saying you should look out for your health and take that time to lose the weight or improve your diet, that doesn’t mean you can’t just take the first step.

Nobody needs to support your decision in the end except you. That path can be a bit lonely at times, but just because others don’t recognize the value of your journey, does not mean it is not worth taking. Believe in yourself and live for your own approval.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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