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I have spent much focused effort since last fall to clear clutter and downsize my life. THOUGHT I was doing well…until I realized I wasn’t.

“Don’t put down, put away” is a quote I recently heard while listening to the audiobook “Making Space, Clutter Free” by Tracy McCubbin. She has a really insightful approach to clutter and tidying up. I do enjoy Marie Kondo – but Tracy resonates with me a bit more, in the practical nature of her tidying practices AND the emotional reasons why people find themselves surrounded in a mess. In the spirit of trying to “put it away” I got really inspired to make some space because you can’t put something away if there’s no room for it. I am tired of feeling like every corner and surface are covered by crap. 

As I mentioned, I have taken many, many trips to the donation centers since October 2019; however, in just the span of 2 focused days, I have literally filled my living room area (which isn’t huge, granted) with things that (most) haven’t seen the light of day in years, yes plural. I went through EVERY cabinet, closet, shelf and nook to look for things that were able to be gotten rid of. I found things that I have continually just kept moving from place to place, for probably half a decade at least. This. has. to. end. 

I am breaking the cycle and announcing to the world that I am clearing out things to make way for rebirth of my life. To ease the stress of my mind by creating a truly clean and peaceful environment. I am not associating MY value with the possessions I own. I feel freer already; although I will feel better completely after the multiple trips to the donation bin are complete. 

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