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June 2020 Goals

WOW. Is the year almost already half way over?! and to think I’ve spent a large portion of that in my house…how crazy! Well, with a new month comes some fresh (or re-freshed) goals! Whoooooooo. Love me some goals and planning – so let’s just get to it!

  1. Money – June will be the first month with no car payment! Whooo!!! Car will ride extra smooth, feeling all paid off.
    The debt slaying focus is still number 1 – so making every attempt to use those funds wisely when I do, and pay off anything I can with whatever excess money I find!
  2. Food/Diet – Did SO good in May about cooking/eating at home and with a LOT less carry out/delivery. Going to try and keep that going for June. I really have been feeling a lot healthier with eating in, and it’s helped my purse strings.
    Fitness – After my epic 5-hour Peloton ride in May (read about the Haleakala challenge here) I don’t have any huge fitness plans in June, except to try and just keep active and remain focused on preparing myself for an (eventual) half marathon. I want to ensure I am staying fit/active and can come out of quarantine healthier, or as healthy, as I came into it!
  3. Travel – Hoping that the COVID clears and we can again travel in the future, as I have planned to go in October to see the man-friend for his birthday! Flights are booked (to Scotland and back) – but only time will tell! Right now since things have been very much put on hold for Travel, I have been re-directing my typical travel savings toward debt clearing, and likely will remain as such until life gets a little more back to “normal”….whatever that looks like eventually!
  4. Other –  The home cleaning/organizing/downsizing has resulted in a VERY full car of donations. Still need to drop those off, but keep managing to find MORE stuff to get rid of. I swear, I am amazed by how much I have accumulated in 34 years!
    – I am in the midst of the process for my coaching/life coach certification, so that’s been full focus as far as class, homework, readings, outlines and such.
    – I bought myself a keyboard, and that’s been put to the side, but 5 minutes a day can be found, so still working on it, just a bit more slowly than I had planned.
    – I am still tearing through my audiobooks – filling almost all my time listening to them and enjoying every minute! I finished “What I talk about When I Talk About Running” by Haruki Murakami, and “The 5 second Rule” by Mel Robbins. Currently listening to (for my certification) “Co-Active Coaching”, but for my own pleasure I am between “High Performance Habits” by Brendon Burchard and “How to Defeat a Demon King”. I have a lot more on my list though so I am never short on things to listen to, though I added in the last one (Demon King) to give myself something a little more fanciful and “relaxing” to listen to when I feel like I don’t want to focus on learning something necessarily.
    – “Masterclass” – I have been enjoying these so much! I tend to watch these while I eat dinner or am just sitting, but I really find them very well done and engaging! Even topics like “Presidential History” are more exciting, and I am NOT a history buff!
    – Cross stitching – I set a goal to finish all 6 squares of the baby animal blanket by end of June, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. However, I did finish another block in May, so I think we can safely say a square each month is a fine pace, balancing it with all my other responsibilities.

What are YOUR goals for the coming month? Anything exciting that is motivating you in a new or different direction?

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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