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May 2020 Recap

You can read about my May Goals in full here, but let’s recap how things went!

  1. Money – Who paid off their car in May … and 18 months early? THIS GAL!! Now just waiting for the new title to be sent to me from the DMV and all that jazz, but yes SOOOOOOO happy! It’s seriously SO crazy to consider that, looking back and remembering how scared I was when I purchased my car, how I didn’t think I could ever pay it off, let alone EARLY!
    – I also cancelled my Amazon Prime account. It won’t expire till end of August, which gives me a cushion of time – BUT – I know that if I want to be thoughtful about my spending, I will need to make it more difficult for myself. The added cost of shipping WILL cause me to pause and think how bad I want something. Besides, I haven’t done all this dang de-cluttering just to fill my house back up!
    – Added a little debt to my plate with my certification course for coaching, but investing in my education/future is never a bad thing.
  2. Food/Diet – Was really good about how I ate this month and feeling much better for having done it! I am trimming back down and feeling much less bloated and big. Hoping that I can keep doing well and let my body be my guide for how I need to nourish myself.
    Fitness – Did a lot of working out, mostly on my Peloton Bike, and completed a 5 hour Haleakala ride challenge!
  3. Travel – Didn’t do any traveling lol – BUT – I am just planning and dreaming for places in the future, so I haven’t let my physical location bring down my mood.
  4. Other – I took on a challenge of converting a lot of my food storage into glassware and more sustainable packaging, so the conversion process is almost complete. I also invested in some other little things around the house that are a bit more eco-friendly and/or will not be ending up in the dumpster after each individual use.
    – I finally got around to hanging up a curtain in my kitchen area, which was something I had been meaning to do for a long time but never got done.
    – I had some really nice chats/catch up calls with friends and family.
    – I did some SERIOUS de-cluttering (it seems never ending) and filled almost my whole living room area with things to get rid of. It’s crazy but it feels good to metaphorically and physically be unburdened by all that clutter and stuff that was just hiding in drawers/cabinets/closets waiting to overwhelm me later.
    – I began my coaching certification courses and started really focusing my effort toward making my dream a reality, so that’s been a nice, re-invigorating action.
    – Lastly, I made some progress on an ongoing cross stitch project.  I finished another square, and each time, the quality improves. I am quite proud of how much my practice has become nicer/tidier and neater looking! For NOW I have considered that project complete (though still need to get them prepped and framed) – but – also started a new project that will eventually be squares for a whole quilt.

May was a great month for me and I feel really hopeful and excited for the rest of 2020. I am grateful to be happy and healthy.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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