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Sitting in the Sadness

For many reasons, both personal and global, my heart is heavy.

I type this and I try to understand. The only thing that seems to help is writing. Journaling, blogging, and just putting words out of my head in some way. I understand that my sadness is for myself, for people close to me, for relationships that existed in a place of dreams, for my community and for the world. It seems like chaos is all around and I hope with every fiber of my being that the destruction that is consuming every place I look, will allow for fresh, re-birth and new growth.

I hope all the tears of my own, and others, will water the seeds of compassion, forgiveness, unity and love. I wish for the healing of hurt and the healing of hearts to bring peace to everyone.

I see the hurt of all the people from my closest reach to the furthest – and I wish there were a way to share the feelings or make people feel less alone. We cannot link hearts and minds directly, but I send all the love and support out that I can muster.


By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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