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Radical Responsibility

The smallest deed is better than the grandest intention – Unknown

We have often heard since childhood to “be responsible” and to “take responsibility” for our life or actions, but it seems to just get shrugged off.

Responsibility (in the meaning that I am discussing) is “the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something”. Holding yourself accountable. Being able to not just see what happened but take your slice of the blame (or fame) for the outcome. I know people often say “I do that…” – No. Decidedly they typically do not. They take SOME responsibility but not FULL ownership.

I’m talking, pride hurting, ego crushing, real self-reflection ownership of your actions. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM.

I alluded to it in another post, but to weave it in here – “How you do anything, is how you will do everything”. If you only want to take responsibility for SOME of your life/actions, then you will never reach those goals, or find that true happiness. Life does not happen to you, it happens and then you have to be prepared to deal with it in a way that is in alignment with the course or path for your life that you create and desire. In this way, every moment presents a choice, and every time you make a choice, that is where you need to hold that responsibility in your mind.

  • Do you wake up on time, or do you hit snooze? That CHOICE to snooze sets in motion a series of events that can have a ripple effect through your entire day.
  • Do you entertain the conversations or desires of others that don’t interest or serve you? This is taking from your precious time and energy. I’m not saying to shut people out and be a dick, but I am saying that you are responsible for what you do and don’t give your attention to! Protect your peace and get your life, work or commitments done!
  • Do you want less stress in your day-to-day but still let things spiral out of control? Make that budget. Plan that day. Clean out the clutter. Take the reigns in your life and do something!
  • Do you fuel your body with nourishing foods and exercise? If you’re not prioritizing your health (in all ways, including mental), then you can’t be surprised or blame anyone else when you are exhausted, grumpy, or burnt out. Every time you put something into your body, or each minute you exercise is a CHOICE and you have to be responsible for your success or neglect.
  • Do you take relationships for granted or miss opportunities to strengthen the relationship? If you are choosing to play on the phone, or whatever it is, and neglect those close to you, don’t be surprised when they don’t want to be around anymore. Take responsibility for your half of the interaction/relationship and don’t wait for them to call you. The proverbial door swings both ways – and pride or “testing” another’s willingness to take part only leaves everyone disappointed.
  • Do you want to speak up and take a stand – but refrain out of fear of other’s judgement? If you choose silence, you risk letting other’s views or opinions seem like your own. Only you can speak to your truth.

These are just some examples, but long story short, just look at every moment as a chance to take responsibility. If an outcome isn’t what you desire, then take responsibility for your MIND and actions, and make it better.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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